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Cylinder Radio

Feb 23, 2020

In this episode, Will sits down with Reid Nicewonder, who is the creator and host of "Cordial Curiosity"- a Youtube channel that posts conversations about a variety of polarized topics.  Reid follows a variation of the Socratic Method to expose and understand the ways in which everyday people come to have their strongly...

Feb 11, 2020

Zuby (Nzube Udezue) is an underground hip hop artist from the U.K. with a wide array of life experience as a true world traveler.  Together, he and Will unpack the concept of "identity" and how it impacts society in many ways including politics, art, and the pursuit of truth.  

Feb 7, 2020

Chris Williamson is a podcaster that has made his living as a prominent nightclub promoter for over a decade.  Having spent literally thousands of nights deeply immersed in the party scene of Great Britain, Chris breaks down his thoughts on the nuance around drinking and nightlife.  Both WIll and Chris have a past...